So I’ve been here a week now and have gotten a lot of feedback from people about what they think of it. It definitely sticks out in the RV park, so people have taken notice. A couple of cops even stopped by today because they were just curious about it. They made me a little nervous, but they saw me outside and wanted to know about it. I showed them around briefly and they were of the same option as most I’ve talked to: it’s pretty cool. I think the uniqueness is what really sets it apart from the crowd. It definitely has a very unconventional look to it. One lady told my dad while we were setting up, “If you’re not building more of these you’re crazy!” We’ll see if he wants to tackle the challenge of building a second one, but I’m pretty content living in this one for now. I’m really enjoying cooking in the kitchen, and living on a military base definitely makes it interesting. Had a couple of fighter jets fly over today and it’s always cool to hear train whistles off in the distance because of the tracks so close.

Also, I had another interesting vehicle outside this afternoon. A firetruck parked itself right out front and I couldn’t figure out at all what was going on. Then I realized they were just backup for another truck that was responding to a propane leak in another RV. Phew.

A New Chapter

After several days of intense setup, I’m finally living in the tiny house! Dad and Uncle Rich worked like crazy to get things together so Uncle Rich could make it back for his flight home. However, their efforts were incredibly appreciated, and it feels so good to finally be enjoying the space inside the tiny house. I got a chance to put on some finishing touches which ended up being really rewarding. Then I went on a bike ride to get a better feel for the area and think I’m going to really enjoy Charleston. I hit up RedBox on my way, rented a (Abduction, 2011), cooked some food in the awesome toaster oven, and enjoyed dinner and a pretty satisfying movie (action/suspense with justice served and a happy ending including a cute girl, etc.) over candle light. AHHH! Great day.

Smooth Sailing (almost)!

Well…it wouldn’t be quite honest to say it was a smooth ride down to Charleston, SC, but we made it! The truck was straining after some big hills in the beginning, and we needed to make a quick pit stop at Home Depot to get some rope and bungees to secure the tarp better. I was also a little worried when I picked up Uncle Rich at the airport, he called Dad, and the first word he said after “How’s it going?” was “Reallllyy???” However, despite a tire coming loose in a rest area (the incident behind Uncle Rich’s surprise) and a bearing that needed a little tightening, the Tiny House made it to Charleston with little incident. Perhaps a brand new trailer would have been a good investment, but using the old one gave it some new life and definitely saved some serious money. Dad was game for burning the midnight oil last night to make up for some of our lost time which was perfect. I had some fun doing the last bit of driving and pulling into Charleston. Lots of setup ahead of us though! Also of note, the Jetta TDI averaged over 50mpg on the way down (~53mpg). It seemed like the lower speed (55-60mph) and the tiny house breaking the air resistance in front of it really helped it outperform its manufacturer spec of 42mpg highway. Pretty cool.