Groton, CT

So I’ve reported to my new duty station in Groton, CT, and it’s good to be back in the northeast. I did have some fun down in Charleston before I left though – had an awesome visit from some friends from home and my Dad and older brother Tim came down to help get the Tiny House ready for the transit back north. After arriving up in Groton I visited some family friends up in MA, which was a great weekend. I got to hang out with the kids and a friend from home going to school up there as well.

Adventures and Exams

The past few months have been a blur. So many hours of studying, but also some pretty fun times. And only three more exams until graduation! I can’t wait.

Things have been interesting both in and out of school. The classes have gotten more hands-on and thus more engaging and applicable to what we’ll be doing one day running the nuclear power plants on submarines. At one point we all needed to be tested for internal sources of radiation as a baseline before we go to the nuclear prototype plants. I found out my body naturally emits 0.86nCi of radation (very normal, haha).

Out in the real world, I’ve had a few fun adventures with my classmates. I went to see The Avengers in 3D and it was pretty incredible – not to be eclipsed by the opportunity to drive  my classmates brand new 2012 Mustang on the way home. What an fun vehicle to drive. Things in the tiny house have been good, the AC unit is keeping things cool inside despite the “controlled burning” that recently swept through the woods not 100 feet away. I went running in woods one day surrounded by green undergrowth and the next day it was smoldering ash-strewn desolation. Quite a surprise, but I suppose a necessity to keep the threat of a larger fire at bay.

Another thing I’ve really been enjoying recently is reading a number of different books. I discovered how easy it is the use the free Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) e-library to read them via Kindle. It’s a pretty awesome service. I started with Girl With the Dragoon Tattoo and am currently working on The Game of Thrones series. Both provide a great escape from the classroom, and it’s motivating being able to look forward to the next chapter at the end of each long day of studying.

The Navy isn’t all rainbows and butterflies…

…but sometimes it is. I see a lot of butterflies on the trails I run on behind the RV park, and the isolated thunderstorms even brought a rainbow into view out my bay window. I also saw a two foot aligator and a three foot snake on my run today. I guess it’s warm enough for the reptiles to start becoming active.

I had a great visit from my Dad and younger brother Dan a couple weekends ago. They came down to pick up the truck and helped install a window AC unit for the Tiny House. I’m definitely appreciating it now that things are getting warmer! We also were able to spend some great time together – just hanging out and even going to the shotgun range at the Air Force base nearby.

I can’t believe I’ve already been in Power School for two months. It’s incredible how quickly the time goes when you’re so busy. Only four more months to graduation!