Merry Christmas!

What an incredible past few weeks it has been. The training in CT ended on a great note, and it’s been amazing having some leave to be home for the holidays and see so many friends and family. The moving around is finally almost over though, and I’m excited to settle down into a slightly more permanent living situation (a whole 6-10 months!) in Saratoga Springs, NY, starting in the new year. I can only imagine what adventures being in the new area will bring, but I’m looking forward to taking them in stride and living up the final months of freedom before finally finishing training and getting to the boat!

Groton, CT

So I’ve reported to my new duty station in Groton, CT, and it’s good to be back in the northeast. I did have some fun down in Charleston before I left though – had an awesome visit from some friends from home and my Dad and older brother Tim came down to help get the Tiny House ready for the transit back north. After arriving up in Groton I visited some family friends up in MA, which was a great weekend. I got to hang out with the kids and a friend from home going to school up there as well.