One of the things I love most about Oahu is that, even if you only have a couple of free hours, it doesn’t mean you can’t experience something amazing. Everything is so accessible, you don’t need to drive more than thirty minutes to get to a trail-head, or you could simply watch the sunset from your own porch. When you don’t have a lot of discretionary time, it makes a big difference. It’s an incredible place to call home-port, and I’m grateful to have the chance to serve here.

Winter in New England

Well, New England has certainly delivered enough snow to make my last winter here a memorable one. The CO told the crew that if the Broncos won the Super Bowl last night he’d give us the day off today. Unfortunately Denver was obliterated by the Settle Sea hawks, but CT threw down ~8 inches of snow and landed us an early dismissal!

The ‘S’ Stands for ‘Salty’

Today was legit. After over 2.5 years, today I finally got the chance to go to the range and shoot a gun for the first time in the Navy. It was pretty exciting. And by ‘pretty exciting,’ I mean it was awesome!!!! It felt just like the America’s Army computer game I used to play growing up. The best part was, during the last round of fire when my 9mm Beretta pistol jammed, and I had to use the RAP-TAP-BANG technique to clear it. I had 4 of my 8 shots left during the 20 second time period. I was able to clear it and get the shots off right before the range master called, “CEASE FIRE!!!” What a rush. I had a couple shots off the silhouette, but most were pretty good. With a total of 206, it was enough to for the Sharpshooter! Expert is 228-240 and Sharpshooter 204-227, so I just made it, but there’s definitely room for improvement. Apparently all that practice growing up shooting pellet guns paid off though.  Hopefully some practice in the future will help me earn the expert!

Killed it!