Thank you, Pop-pop.

Today I had the incredible privilege to honor my grandfather during his internment at Arlington National Cemetery. It was an incredibly moving service and one that I will never forget. Especially the presentation of the flag. It wasn’t so much grief, but the flood of overwhelming gratitude owed to my grandfather and men like him that swept over me. The pastor talked about “the greatest generation” he was a part of and the incredible love they had that earned them that accolade. What an example and a role model to try and live up to. Lone Survivor came out the weekend before and the opportunity to see it with my friend Steve set a very reverent and solemn tone for the trip to Arlington. Touring the capitol on his tandem bicycle was definitely another great dose of ‘hooyah.’

And Happy New Year!

And what a new year it has been. From being able to celebrate it with an amazing friend on the West Coast to moving into a new area and starting a new phase of training in Saratoga Springs, NY, it has been an adventure. I’m incredibly grateful for the safety I was blessed with in my all travels and all the new insight and learning opportunities I had along the way. I can only hope 2013 will be just as full of challenges, adventures, and chances to grow. I’m excited about whatever He might have in store for me.

Merry Christmas!

What an incredible past few weeks it has been. The training in CT ended on a great note, and it’s been amazing having some leave to be home for the holidays and see so many friends and family. The moving around is finally almost over though, and I’m excited to settle down into a slightly more permanent living situation (a whole 6-10 months!) in Saratoga Springs, NY, starting in the new year. I can only imagine what adventures being in the new area will bring, but I’m looking forward to taking them in stride and living up the final months of freedom before finally finishing training and getting to the boat!