Amazing Week.

It’s tough to describe all the awesome experiences this week. I had a significant amount of time to explore the Charleston area, and I’m very thankful to Jim for showing me around and entertaining me with tales from his past the entire way. From the details of flying charter flights for Bob Hope, George H.W. Bush, and the former governor of SC Mark Sanford to reminiscing about his time flying for the Air Force to his dealings with thwarting potential miscreants with his firearms to his NASCAR exposure and opportunities to interact with Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Jr. as well as other prominent drivers…there were some good stories. The cuisine we got to share over the meals was great as well…including Sticky Fingers, Texas Roadhouse, Smokey Bones, Manny’s Neighborhood Grille, TJ’s Beef & Brew, O’Charley’s, and Bighorn. I really enjoyed some local “Low Country” specialties including alligator and shrimp and grits.  I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity before school starts next week.

Amazing Day.

So today started out like any other Sunday. Little did I know what He had in mind for me. I met Jim, a retired Air Force pilot, walking into the church on base, and we just started up a friendly conversation. That turned into sitting with him during the Service and continuing to talk as we walked out. He offered to take me up in his plane to see a bit of Charleston, and I was delighted to accompany him. What an awesome opportunity to see the whole area from the skies but also hear about some of his adventures over a great dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I felt truly blessed and am very glad to have another friend in the area. I watched I am Number Four (2011) recently and really enjoyed it. I’m also inclined to agree with the following quote from the movie:

“You can go wherever you want. See whatever you want to but, um… a place is only as good as the people you know in it. I… I think this is a pretty good place.”

Seattle, Washington!

What an adventure. Just got back from four awesome days in the Pacific Northwest visiting Steven Siden. It was a great break and a good chance to do a bit of traveling before heading down to Charleston, SC, to continue my training. Highlights included the Boeing factory tour, hiking Rattlesnake Ridge Trail in the Cascade Mountains, the Space Needle at sunset, the Seattle Public Library, checking out various other architecture, scenery and Seattle hotspots, touching Pacific waters for the first time, and lots of awesome restaurants and places we ate at like Local 360 (had rabbit!), an Indian Buffet, Sushi Land (with a conveyer belt that you took your sushi off), Ray’s Cafe (amazing seafood), Serious Pie (Pizza+), Top Pot, and Bathtub Gin and Co. (Freudian Slip). Almost too much to take in, but I can’t imagine it being any more epic of a trip.