Amazing Day.

So today started out like any other Sunday. Little did I know what He had in mind for me. I met Jim, a retired Air Force pilot, walking into the church on base, and we just started up a friendly conversation. That turned into sitting with him during the Service and continuing to talk as we walked out. He offered to take me up in his plane to see a bit of Charleston, and I was delighted to accompany him. What an awesome opportunity to see the whole area from the skies but also hear about some of his adventures over a great dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I felt truly blessed and am very glad to have another friend in the area. I watched I am Number Four (2011) recently and really enjoyed it. I’m also inclined to agree with the following quote from the movie:

“You can go wherever you want. See whatever you want to but, um… a place is only as good as the people you know in it. I… I think this is a pretty good place.”