Room to Read Campaign

America’s Navy – A Global Force for Good? Prove it. At least that’s what I’ve been convicted to┬ádo. Fulfilling just a singular role isn’t enough; however, dedicating my time in service to something more is a way to realize that ambition. Even though I don’t have an abundance of time resource myself since it is so dominated by my commitment to the Navy, I can still champion a cause I’d pursue if I did have the time. I’ve chosen Room to Read as that cause.

After reading “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World,” I was inspired by John Wood’s drive to make a difference. One of the aspects of his story that resonated with me the most was the timeliness of the need. If these kids are not exposed to the opportunity to become literate at an early age, they may never again have the chance to learn. The innocence of childhood gives way to the responsibly of adulthood and the need to start working to support a family. That urgent need is one of the biggest motivators that has pushed me towards Room to Read. Buy the book. Read about them online. Think about where you’d be without the ability to read and invest in the future. Imagine what a child you help give the gift of literacy to today might accomplish tomorrow. Click the imagine below to head to my donation page!

Room to Read