Thank you, Pop-pop.

Today I had the incredible privilege to honor my grandfather during his internment at Arlington National Cemetery. It was an incredibly moving service and one that I will never forget. Especially the presentation of the flag. It wasn’t so much grief, but the flood of overwhelming gratitude owed to my grandfather and men like him that swept over me. The pastor talked about “the greatest generation” he was a part of and the incredible love they had that earned them that accolade. What an example and a role model to try and live up to. Lone Survivor came out the weekend before and the opportunity to see it with my friend Steve set a very reverent and solemn tone for the trip to Arlington. Touring the capitol on his tandem bicycle was definitely another great dose of ‘hooyah.’

Halfway Done!

So it’s been a very quick but also long past few months. Training is going well, but it’s a grind. Getting used to rotating shift work has been interesting, but it doesn’t seem to be that bad. It’s also been amazing to finally get some operational experience with all the knowledge and studying we’ve been doing.

It’s been great being back up in the northeast and having the opportunity to visit friends and family up here. Having the chance to see a bit of Boston, doing a bunch of mountain biking, and having the opportunity to take a flight in a glider has been awesome. Morning runs will never get old, and it’s been great that they’ve been able to continue despite the long hours of training.

A New Chapter

After several days of intense setup, I’m finally living in the tiny house! Dad and Uncle Rich worked like crazy to get things together so Uncle Rich could make it back for his flight home. However, their efforts were incredibly appreciated, and it feels so good to finally be enjoying the space inside the tiny house. I got a chance to put on some finishing touches which ended up being really rewarding. Then I went on a bike ride to get a better feel for the area and think I’m going to really enjoy Charleston. I hit up RedBox on my way, rented a (Abduction, 2011), cooked some food in the awesome toaster oven, and enjoyed dinner and a pretty satisfying movie (action/suspense with justice served and a happy ending including a cute girl, etc.) over candle light. AHHH! Great day.