Knowledge, Integrity, Excellence

“Knowledge, Integrity, Excellence.” It’s a pretty legit motto for the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command (NNPTC). We had a brief today and they stressed the importance of integrity and how it has helped maintain the trust of the public in the Navy’s nuclear program. All it would take is one ‘Three Mile Island’ type incident and that faith could be shattered, so maintaining a perfect safety record is paramount. We had our second exam today, and it went really well. Our section had the highest average between the three that make up our class – which was cool. The guys that make up our section are pretty legit – they work hard but are also really funny and hilarious when they joke around. A lot of witty humor. I just hope the guys on my sub are this awesome.

One of the best parts of today was biking onto base. I woke up at 0415 so I could get in by 0500 and cram before the test at 0700 (filling the short-term memory banks right before the exams seems to be a common and beneficial strategy). It was a cool, damp morning and felt like the same type of morning I’d wake up to back in college to go to crew practice. It was just cold enough to have a nip in the air, and it was so damp there was dew dripping off the tiny house roof, and you could see fog wisping through the air and collecting in low areas like drainage ditches on the side of the road. It was kind of ominous, like the eve of a battle, and also reminded me of crew practice in the morning when I had an exam later that day. Good times.