Battle Rhythm

One down, twenty-four to go. The first test at NPS was definitely challenging, but it feels great to have it behind me and officially be making progress towards graduation. The routine is already starting to get solidified, and I’m liking it so far. Waking up way too early, getting on my bike and cycling in, and getting in a couple hours of studying before class starts has been really nice. It’s cool to get infinite miles per gallon and also get a little PT in before a long day of classes. I always bring my lunch, so it’s also great to save time and get a little of studying in during the time we have allotted for lunch. I usually head home (via bike) after classes are over and either do some mandatory group PT by running with one of my classmates in the woods behind the RV park or just take some time to catch up on life. Then it’s back to NPS for an hour or two of studying and preparing for the next exam. It’s frustrating to not be able to study at home but just part of the way it has to be. Then home and dinner consisting of whatever I can find to cook-up and enjoy (usually lots of rice and veggies). I try to stay creative, but it’s tough only cooking for one person! After dinner I usually get things squared away for the next day and head to bed early to start the next day fresh and ready to absorb all the new material we’ll have taught to us and be expected to ingrain in our minds. It can be challenging, but who doesn’t like a challenge? I hope I continue to enjoy it.