Smooth Sailing (almost)!

Well…it wouldn’t be quite honest to say it was a smooth ride down to Charleston, SC, but we made it! The truck was straining after some big hills in the beginning, and we needed to make a quick pit stop at Home Depot to get some rope and bungees to secure the tarp better. I was also a little worried when I picked up Uncle Rich at the airport, he called Dad, and the first word he said after “How’s it going?” was “Reallllyy???” However, despite a tire coming loose in a rest area (the incident behind Uncle Rich’s surprise) and a bearing that needed a little tightening, the Tiny House made it to Charleston with little incident. Perhaps a brand new trailer would have been a good investment, but using the old one gave it some new life and definitely saved some serious money. Dad was game for burning the midnight oil last night to make up for some of our lost time which was perfect. I had some fun doing the last bit of driving and pulling into Charleston. Lots of setup ahead of us though! Also of note, the Jetta TDI averaged over 50mpg on the way down (~53mpg). It seemed like the lower speed (55-60mph) and the tiny house breaking the air resistance in front of it really helped it outperform its manufacturer spec of 42mpg highway. Pretty cool.

Last Day at NRD Philly!

Today was my last day working in the office at the Navy Recruiting District HQ in northeast Philadelphia. I really enjoyed my time there and especially appreciated the learning experience and the chance to ease into the navy culture. I can’t wait though to head to Charleston, SC, next week for nuclear power school!

Seattle, Washington!

What an adventure. Just got back from four awesome days in the Pacific Northwest visiting Steven Siden. It was a great break and a good chance to do a bit of traveling before heading down to Charleston, SC, to continue my training. Highlights included the Boeing factory tour, hiking Rattlesnake Ridge Trail in the Cascade Mountains, the Space Needle at sunset, the Seattle Public Library, checking out various other architecture, scenery and Seattle hotspots, touching Pacific waters for the first time, and lots of awesome restaurants and places we ate at like Local 360 (had rabbit!), an Indian Buffet, Sushi Land (with a conveyer belt that you took your sushi off), Ray’s Cafe (amazing seafood), Serious Pie (Pizza+), Top Pot, and Bathtub Gin and Co. (Freudian Slip). Almost too much to take in, but I can’t imagine it being any more epic of a trip.